The Death of a King

from Sylas Wilcox

July 21, 2013, 10:30 p.m.

A ruler lays ill in bed. A crowd calls out their consternation.

"Oh why! Why must this happen to the world!?" "Oh why! Our King, our King! Why must God do this to our Beloved!?" "Oh why! My King, my Savior, my Supreme Ruler you have fallen! Why must such ailing become of you!? I pray to the Divine One. I pray to YOU, ASSISST OUR SAVIOR IN HIS TIME OF NEED. Oh Divine One we need you to save our King. I beg of you."

A husband and wife talk about some rumors.

H:"My darling, we may need to look for a cottage in the country." W:"Why is that?" H:"A couple of men in the pub were talking of assassins in the city. That one of them is forming a Silent Army to kill the citizens of this mavelou city, starting with a slow painful death of our Majesty." W:"The ladies in the markets were talking about a servant who has poisoned the King." H:"Who would do such a thing?" W:"They say she was paid by an enemy of our Majesty." H:"He is liked by all the surrounding kings and queens of those lesser nations! Our King is only disliked by the thieves and raiders. Surely they don't have the numbers." W:"Well, maybe they do. Maybe they don't. Our King, who lays in bed ill, most certainly has enemies-" H:"Those savages couldn't get passed our guards if they even tried. We have strong walls." W:"Well the women who serve the royal family say the cousins of the King don't take a fancy to his rule. They say that they want to take over but our beloved Ruler would not tolerate the gesture." H:"Some younger men suggested the same idea a table just over from us at the pub. They say our King had them sleep in the dungeons for one night for such resistance." W:"That's not possible. Our King is a benevolent King." H:"That is what I told them! I turned to them and told them his compassion is far greater than his search for vengance. They say it was true, they heard it from the soldiers in the pub down the road the other night." W:"Well I don't believe that fib if I were a dog. The point is that the cousins to his Mightiness are not pleased."

A horseman and a stable boy talk about some rumors.

H:"Boy, you take care of the soldiers' horses?" B:"Yes sire. Not all of the horses. There are so many." H:"What do you hear from the soldiers about the King?" B:"I- I am not at the discretion to discuss, sire." H:"Don't be heedful with me. I will pay you extra. I was at the pub talking to a bunch of younger men claiming facts about the King. I just want to know the truth. My wife is troubled." B:"The guards say that the King does not lay in bed. That is about everything I can remember." H:"Ha. Here I have more coin, tell me more." B:"I overheard them talking about the King pretending to be ill." H:"Why would the King do such a thing?" B:"The guards say that he is trying to draw out his enemies when he seems weak, but if you ask me. I would guess that his Majesty is trying to take the kingdoms to the north with a secret army and that they will not suspect a sick king." H:"You are imaginative. Aren't you?" B:"I do handle their horses and hear many things."

A woman and a baker talk about some rumors.

B:"I have seen many doctors go to the castle. Has your husband heard anything about the King's condition?" W:"Yes, my husband has heard about the King." B:"Their are so many stories. It is hard to know if we need to flee from tyrants or if we need to stay in the greatest kingdom. What does your husband believe?" W:"You are right to be wary. I will tell you this. My husband and I are subjects to the King. We will die in the kingdom of our true Savior before knealing to those Tyrants." B:"So you think he is going to survive this illness?" W:"Our Savior is strong." B:"Thank you. I will pray for our King." W:"Oh, no need for that. He will be just fine." B:"How are you so sure?"

A person lays in bed. A person is standing near. A doctor leaves the room.

K:"Well my Queen. You are everything to me. I am nothing without you. I pray for your health. I pray that it returns." Q:"I am just a Queen. You are a King. The people don't worry for my health. They worry for yours." K:"If I could give you my health-" Q:"That is not an option. You must live. You must carry this great nation." K:"I can't do it without you. I can not live without you." Q:"You must. Our people, far and wide, depend on you. Your people from now on." K:"A king without his queen is a knight without a sword." Q:"I have thought about this. Upon my death, you will unite with the nation to the north. The Queen of the north has agreed to marry you and join the nations." K:"My Queen, you will forever hold my heart and be the true Queen to this fine kingdom. I can not marry another woman." Q:"You will. You will do it for your nation, for your people." K:"When you regain your health, I will hold a festival in your honor and health." Q:"I can feel it coming. The doctor agrees. There is nothing going to stop it. Don't live in denial. Do what is right for our people. Your people. We don't have the luxury to do what our hearts tell us." She takes her crown and puts it in the King's hands.


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