For it is you, I love.

from Sylas Wilcox

Feb. 24, 2014, 11:58 p.m.

I have one love in my life. She stuns all who lays eyes on her, grows with every opportunity that faces her, has passion as bright as the sun. With all of her flaws, she is still perfect.

I am a tortured soul in a pleasing world. I blindly look around at the others, when all I can see is you. No distance, no situation, no one will break our bonds of everlasting desire. While I have regrettably departed, you must remain to watch every cycle of the day. In what remains lies hope for the future we discussed so long ago. In my absence, I want you to know that it is you I think about. Whether I be merry or whether life has sobered me, it is you I long for. I hold dear, every precious little memory of us together and long for the next time fate will allow us back together. I will spend eternity, if that's what it will take, searching for every possibility to be united once more.

The memory of rolling over in your sheets as the wind greets us good morning and as a sliver of light dances across the floor has me eagerly await the day when all our policies have been sorted and social qualms evened to watch the sun rise again, inviting us to join hands in life. On a day most appropriate, I will stand at your door for a final time and look into your eyes for acceptance.

Till then my love.


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