Desires of Three Simple Souls

from Sylas Wilcox

July 11, 2013, 12:50 a.m.

There was once three children, a girl and two boys. These children were siblings. The girl's name was Temperance. She was the eldest. Eden was the next eldest brother. Eurwen was the youngest brother.

One day the children were harvesting in the fields whilst an old man hobbles over to a tree. The old man rests at the base of the tree. The children all notice the man. Temperance points at Eurwen, the youngest, to go to the old man. Eurwen sees this oportunity and asks the old man if he would like a drink of water or wine. The old man replies, "How kind of you my son. I would love a refreshment." Eurwen tells the old man that he is being taken away from his work and compensation would be necessary. The old man saddened by this comment says, "I do not have any coin to give to you." Eurwen resumes his harvesting. Temperance points at Eden. Eden unwillingly goes to the old man. Before Eden could offer any comforts to the old man, the old man speaks, "My son, you will not ask me for money as your brother. I can see that in your eyes. However, your eyes tell me that serving an old man does not bring you pleasure." Eden attempts to deny this fact. As the old man raises a hand to his own heart he says, "You must find the kindness within to get the most reward for your actions." Eden resumes his harvest.

Temperance goes to the old man. She appologizes for her brothers' disrespect for their elders while looking at the ground. "Child, you are most gracious. Your brothers have much to learn." He gently raises her chin up with the tip of his finger so that he can see her eyes. "I can see you have learnt about pleasure and greed already." Temperance offers the old man a drink and a plate of the freshly harvested fruits. "Thank you virtuous child." Temperance smiles as the old man eats the fruits. The old man says to her as he hands her the empty plate, "Let me give you coin for your duties to an old man such as I." He reaches into the folds of his robes and pulls out three gold pieces. Temperance does not let the old man pay her for the food and drink and explains that his pleasure is her own. The old man was very pleased to hear Temperance speak these words. "My child, you have shown such righteousness, charity, and altruism." The old man walks out of the shade of the tree and into the sun, while his worn robe falls to the ground revealing a pristine white and gold garment, his flesh tightens and youthens, and his hair falls out and grows back thick and healthy within seconds. "Temperance, I am a God. You have shown qualities notable of a Goddess. You will join us as the Goddess of Virtue."

Temperance agrees to become the Goddess of Virtue, traveling the world teaching children righteousness, charity, and altruism.


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513 words

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