Corneille Noire 4

from Sylas Wilcox

March 13, 2013, 12:07 a.m.

I just saw my son off to school when the phone rings. "Have a great day at school honey! Don't forget your going to your father's for the rest of the week!" I see him wave to me goodbye, shut the door, and answer the phone.

"You will find your payment of your duties under your side table, and your next assignment." And the line goes dead.

I make sure the blinds are closed and walk over to the side table with my heels clicking against hard wood floors. I reach under the table and pull a package out. I have to take the package to the study and pry the waxed crow off the envelope with a silver envelope opener, also a payment. "How exquisite!" Diamonds are at every number except 12! The silver and diamonds are just perfectly shone. I wonder, what is the next assignment. Humm, I have to hide a package in some old, victorian house?

Smash the Bust in the Master's Study, get the key. In the Library you will find a latch on the side of the mantel that reveals a hidden compartment for the Package. The Package you will get from the warehouse manager, Daniel. It's his loading records. The warehouse is Number 9 at the shipping harbor. Do whatever it takes to get those records. I have wired money into your account for you to properly prepare. Get the records tonight and you will be contacted tomorrow.

"Well this will be fun," as I hold my wrist up in the light. "It's perfect." I say as I slip it on my wrist watching it sparkle in the light and tick around to 8:00. "Is it that time already! Fuck! I need to go shopping."


I can feel the intimacy of a roaring engine and leather against flesh as I whip the car around the bend to Number 9 and immediately stop at a gate. Why is there security? He never said anything abouts guards. This won't be hard. Before the portly guards asks me to roll my window down. I grab the handle and open the door sticking my leg out of the high slit up my dress with my heel hovering just above the concrete. Standing up, flipping my voluptuous curls over my shoulder, I look straight into his perverted eyes which are undressing me. This will be too easy. Taking him by the shirt, I pull him into the guard house. I take my right hand touching his scruff while opening my left palm on his chest and let it slowly lower to his belt. "Are you nervous?" I whisper into his ear. His heart is racing. I take his belt off, then wrap my arms around his neck with belt in hand...

"You should never underestimate a woman in stilettos." I say as I close the door pushing his limp legs inside.

I opened the hanger style doors just enough to get my car through to park next to the one boat inside. Huumm thats a nice boat. The bow says White Rose in a lovely font. Perfect for martinis. There is an office in the back corner with 'Warehouse Manager Dan' printed on the metal door. I search the office carefully incase anyone appears. "Where do you keep your logs Daniel? He will have to return soon, I'll just wait." I leave the office holstering my gun in my thigh holster. I could really use a Martini.

After grabbing a martini I board the White Rose and wait. Wait. And wait.

The sun is starting to set. I look at my last payment admiringly, it's 7:00. Just then Daniel walks through the open doors in the sliver of orange glow remaining. He is gorgeous. Big arms, tall, and he runs his fingers through his hair and looks up from his clipboard right at me and I lose my voice. I can hardly stand.

"What are you doing here?" He says with a deep and tranquil voice.

"Would - Daniel, would you like a drink?"

"Who are you?"

"My name is Nikola. I am here to ki -- give you a drink."

"Well Nikola, you can't be in here without my permission."

"The door was open." I lie. "Who's boat is this?"

"The White Rose is not your concern. And you should leave now. Is this your car? Take it out with you."

He is walking towards me, the boat I mean. He isn't attracted to me? How could he not be even the slightest bit attracted to me? "Have you had a long day Daniel? You look like you need a drink and a good time."

"Sorry, I don't drink. I am just clocking off work and I need to go."

I get down from the boat making sure he gets a glimpse of cleavage. Walking over to the doors I say, "You hungry Daniel?" I saw him look. I have him now. I locked the hanger doors.

Putting his clipboard with the logs on it down on the hood of the car. "What are you doing?"

"I just want to get to know you a bit more Daniel." I stand straight up right against his chest. Strong. "Is there anything wrong with that?"

Taking a step back. "Lets talk over some food. I have some leftovers in my office."

Thats not romantic. Certainly won't do. "Why don't we have some bread, cheese, and wine? Blue Cheese from Europe. Oh wait. You don't drink. Well more for me." I don't want to have to kill him, he is so beautiful. I pour two glasses anyway. Just have dinner damnit!

"Sounds better than day old lobster." He says with a warm smile.


My black dress is in a heap on the floor. I raise my wrist up, its 4am. I have slipped the loading records into the trunk when I got a new bottle of wine so, all I need to do is get out of here. He said he didn't drink, bah, he drinks more than I. Lifting Daniel's arm off my waist I slide out of bed. He is so warm, I wish I could stay longer, but I must leave I have business. Right before I leave, I decide to leave a note. I take my sanguine lipstick out and write on the door, 'Sorry I had to leave. Don't die Daniel. Don't look for me. If our stories are truly intwined we will be together someday.' Kissing the mirror goodbye I climb out of the boat and leaving with his records.

At the guard gate, I have decided to get rid of the body. Its dark. I can easily just throw him in the harbor. He won't be noticed for days if ever. So, thats exactly what I plan to do. However, when I opened the door there was no body. Just an envelope on the control panel for the boom with a black crow stamped on the front. I snatch the envelope ripping it open I see a second envelope inside, its the next part of the assignment.

Before you deliver the package to the 143 Lover's Lane, you will go to Albert Moray's apartment downtown to steal his dog, Wallace. He will be in the office from 8 to 2. Bring the dog back to the Number 9 for Daniel. Leave this envelope for Albert on his pillow. You will wait three days until delivering 143's package.

The fool didn't even lock his door. Which is good. I am a lousy lock picker. When I get into Albert's apartment his dog immediately greets me. This damn dog is a nuisance. "Stop licking me!" I walk through his apartment to the back where the bedroom is. His closet is open, filled with leather jackets all the same. Messy bed. Must not be married. I fix his pillow as I would for my son and place his letter in the center. I hear someone just outside the front door when the mutt barks. Fuck! What do I do? I quickly grab the dog and run for the closest window for the fire escape. Just as I close the window behind me I see the leather coat walk through the door putting down his hat, keys, and notebook. I am running down the metal stairs in bare feet to be more quiet. I got away. The dog nipped my arm. "Ouch! If your owner wasn't home early then this wouldn't have been a problem so shut it!"

Quickly checking for Daniel, who can't be found anywhere, I leave the nuisance in his office. Hopefully Daniel will take care of him well. The boat is gone. I run straight out to the end of the dock and I can see the boat. Its out at sea. "Goodbye Daniel." Then the White Rose explodes in a fiery plume. A tear runs down my cheek.

Now I must wait. Wait for three days. Wait for the pain to subside.


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