Corneille Noire 2

from Sylas Wilcox

Feb. 25, 2013, 10:38 p.m.

"This doesn't look like the right house." I murmur to my self alone as I double check it against the photograph he gave me. This house doesn't even look like its been lived in for over 30 years, the windows are broken and the siding is coming off---. The photograph, although sepia, is a nice victorian house thats well kept. I flip it over. "House 143. This is it."

I take a glance over each shoulder before I head for the house. As I gingerly walk up the three stairs and across the front porch to check the front door a floor board starts to crack and break. Frozen i make one quick motion swinging my legs up to the rafters. From there I try the handle. Its locked. Damn. I have never been good at picking locks. Bending back I remove the pick set from my stiletto heel and a hair pin.

I'll have to kick it down. I shift hanging by my arms and give one good swing at the door. I shattered the door lock but thats the least of my worries if I don't finish the job.

"Where do I hide it?" Where should it go? What did He say again? Find the master's study, smash the bust, grab the key, then go to the library.

I search the house, found the library in the back corner of the house. Finally, the master's study. "So this is the master's study. Not that grand." Where is the bust I don't see any head. As I sit down in the tatty, red velvet wing chair and I look up. The crystal chandelier is a funny shape. That's sneaky. I pull my silenced gun out and shoot the thing. Maybe I shouldn't have been under it when I did that.

Alright, what was next? Got the key, I'm in the library, run my finger down the side of the fireplace until I hit a latch, then leave the package in the compartment, and get out.

I squeeze my arm between the bookcase and the fireplace and flip the latch. The mantel suddenly slides back knocking a brass figure of a naked woman on the floor. How crude. I put the package inside the mantel and it closes shut when I let go. I put the brass figure back on the mantel.

When walking down the hallway I see someone walking up to the house in a leather coat. I quickly run up the stairs and into the first room. He said if this happened to leave a note on the pillow and not to kill him. How is the leather coat so close behind me again? Going through the bathroom I go to the next room and await my moment to get out.


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