How Lion King Brought me to my First Post

from Sabrina Hand

May 8, 2013, 12:05 p.m.

I’m going to be honest with all the readers on here, I have been way too nervous to post a story on this blog. I have relentlessly stalked the website ready to eagerly consume whatever the next story may be but I have yet to post one. I will back up for a little while to tell about myself, how I found StoriesHouse, and how I managed to receive the privilege of being a writer (not as exciting of a story as one would assume).

Unlike other writers on this blog, I am actually female. I’m also a lot younger than the guys so I don’t have any wild first time college party stories or analytical thoughts based on a lecture given by the newest professor on campus. I am still in high school where the extent of parties include the self-proclaimed “ragers” that involve awkwardly standing around a basement while overly enthusiastic teenagers pronounce that they are “totally wasted dude” and the best teachers around are the ones that teach you all the material you need to know and nothing more. However, I like to think of myself as a motivated and mature individual. Because of this, I am friends with many different cliches, for lack of better name, around the school. This fact alone begins to explain how I met the StoriesHouse writers.

I met by best friend, Rachael, during my vegetarian phase in middle school. In case guys haven’t picked up on this fact: all girls will have a vegetarian stage at some point in their life, whether it be for a diet, cleanse, or morals. Anyways, Rachael eventually decided I was cool enough to meet all her older friends and introduced me to them. This is when I met all of the guys from this blog and ultimately fell in love with each of them. Not in a creepy way, I know where everyone’s mind was going on that one. Since meeting everyone I have spent many Friday nights with them and enjoyed the fact that conversations were centered around intellectual topics and not the futile gossip roaming the hallways. Everyone left for college in the fall and while I enjoy all the other friendships I have, I have greatly missed them. When the gang came home for Thanksgiving break I was invited to Starbucks. I remember the conversation distinctly. We were sitting outside of the Starbucks and the sun was shining directly in my face so I could only see the outline of each person’s face. The conversation bounced from global warming in the rainforest to creation of software to college experiences. In the midst of the conversation someone mentioned this blog. I had no idea that my friends had been writing on a blog but I was told that it was very well written and worth the time to read, so I promised that I would read it when I got home.

This is when I fell in love with StoriesHouse. I was extremely impressed with how well written the posts were. It boggled my mind that someone would write about an event so minuscule such as a movie or date night but engage the reader for pages at a time. I became an avid follower of the blog and thought about joining them in writing stories about my life. After much stalking time I just decided to text Tyler and ask him if it was a good idea. I sat there anxiously awaiting, hoping I didn’t sound like some weird idiot that stalked their writing because in all honesty, I definitely am. The response I received was the simple instruction to text Hunter, our techie genius. So, I just clicked the forward button and sent the little message on its way to Hunter. About five minutes later I got the password and a response about how “it will be good to have a girl’s point of view”.

This happened about five months ago. I have yet to post a story. I say post because I have written many stories. In fact, I have written many stories a week. The first one was about why girls like douche-bags. Thinking that was too much of a typical girl article, I scratched that and wrote another and another. None of them were good enough for me because I was terrified that my stories would not be as analytical as Nick’s or as humorous as Tyler’s. In fact, you might even have thought that as you read this. But I had a complete mental meltdown in school today and decided that I might as well march my ass home and write a StoriesHouse post.

I have successfully procrastinated this story until 12:00 at night. In the meantime I taught devil children how to swim (I actually really hate kids so I have no idea why I’m a swim coach), ate a bag of chocolate chips, studied for my eight million tests, twerked (yeah, I’m the white girl that thinks she knows how to twerk), and studied for my eight million tests. My breaking point was when my friend started playing the Lion King soundtrack. I mean, who does that? So, I couldn’t take the Lion King playing anymore and decided that I really just need to write on here. Try listening to “Circle of Life” on repeat while memorizing history facts and tell me that you don’t want to blow your brains out.

So, this was my “introduction” post to storieshouse. I promise my future ones will be more interesting, but I have to say that I’m proud of myself for finally writing this. Good night bloggers and happy end of school year!


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