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from Nick Suss

Feb. 23, 2013, 4:41 p.m.

Hey Stories House Readers! Have you ever been reading Stories House pieces and thought “I want to ask this guy a question?” Have you ever read one of my posts and thought “Where does he find the time?” Have you ever read an article and just thought “What gives you the right?” Well here is your chance to voice your opinions!

Look at the bottom of the screen. (I’ll wait. Seriously, scroll to the bottom of the screen. DO IT!) Now what did you see? That’s right, Stories House is now equipped with a fancy schmancy comment section. We at Stories House are now running a new initiative called “Ask Stories House” where we want you, the readers, to give us feedback and ask us questions. Whether in response to a previous post, asking our feelings about something in the world that you wonder our opinions on, or just wanting to ask personal questions about us, this is your chance to get involved.

Here are the only criteria for the post: I ask that you leave a name (It doesn’t have to be your own, just put something that we can identify you by) and a location from where you are asking the question (again, you can be from the Ice Planet of Hoth for all I care) and I also ask that you try to refrain from too much vulgarity. I understand that there are some words you might want to say, but we will be those people and we will censor your life if we disagree with your verbiage.

As most of you probably know, to this point there are four people you can ask questions to: Me (Nick), Tyler Stern, Tyler “Snake” Martin, and Hunter Leath. If you have a specific question geared to a specific author, ask them directly. If you just want to ask the four of us in general a question, you can do that too. With that in mind, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @thestorieshouse. With more followers comes more publicity. And I for one am greedy enough that I want you, the anywhere between three and five readers of this site I don’t know personally, to try and get the word out as hard as I do. Comment at the bottom of the page, be clever, and good luck!


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