17 Apologetic Minutes of Downtime

from Nick Suss

Oct. 21, 2013, 10:11 a.m.

Once again, in my boring excuse for a college life, I have a serviceable chunk of time that I'd prefer to waste by typing stream-of-consciousness nonsense than by being productive. And I emphasize the word boring in that post. (Not literally. I could have emphasized it like this or like this but I chose not to. Emphasize probably wasn't the best word for that sentence.) I do so because I would like to apologize for myself and the rest of the "staff" here at StoriesHouse.com for leading lives not worth recounting. Let me explain, it probably wasn't the best idea on our part to start a blog with the intent of "sharing personal stories" when a large portion of the bloggers don't have interesting stories to tell. (Or can't remember their personal stories. You two know who you are.) Take me for example, the most fun I've had this semester involved knocking on the door of two random strangers in a dorm I don't live and talking at them until 4:30 in the morning. Now let me explain what happened that night better. Me and three friends from back home told stories about high school to two complete strangers (Girls for the record. I'm the man.) for about six hours. My life is built around the idea of telling stories to complete strangers, but I have no current ones left. So that is the problem with StoriesHouse. I'm sorry. BUT THERE IS A REMEDY! Remember that failed initiative we had last spring called "Ask StoriesHouse?" That thing where when we first got a comment section we wanted you - the readers - to comment on ideas for stories and ask question and such so we wouldn't go weeks on end without posting anything? Remember? Well, as you can tell, we're a bit desperate for content. (WE'RE BEGGING YOU!) So in the comment section of this post, please troll us. And I mean that in a good way and a bad way. We need you to post on the comments like, damn, there really is no simile about posting. Whatever posts a lot, you need to post like it. A lot. Like wild people. Make fun of us. Post ideas you think we could write. Post some ideas you think you could write and we could poach from you because we at StoriesHouse don't endorse plagiarism but we do endorse voluntary exchange of ideas. We need help. As you can tell, I'm so out of ideas I'm just rambling. And its not necessarily funny. Here, I'll end with a joke. DAMMIT! I DON'T EVEN HAVE A SINGLE JOKE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Fine. This thing is done. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @thestorieshouse, though you'd probably just be better off following me @nicksuss, because the StoriesHouse twitter doesn't tweet often because SOMEONE won't give me the password to it. I'm done.


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