12 Minutes of Downtime - 1/20/16

from Nick Suss

Jan. 20, 2016, 1:09 p.m.

Welcome to 12 Minutes of Downtime. After this paragraph, everything in this post was typed by Nick with zero preplanning in 12 minutes. These were the topics that popped into his head and he wrote down every thought. There has been no editing done and no re-reading whatsoever. This is a transcript of his brain. Enjoy.

When I said I would do these minutes of downtime post, I never said I’d post them in the morning, geez lay off. Sorry. That was an abrasive way to start. I’m just in a kind of confusing place right now since I’ve kind of been living my life in a Benjamin Button sort of way for about two weeks now.

The work I’ve been doing is almost entirely night shifts at this point. And I love working nights. I actually prefer it. But this is the first time in my life where not only am I working nights, but I also have nothing to do during the daytime. So instead of the past where I worked nights after going to school in the day or worked afternoons into the night, now I legit eat dinner then start working. And that’s a tough adjustment, sanity-wise.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t know what to do in the day. Because theoretically I should want to do something. When I work in the daytime and get home at night, I want to do something afterwards, have fun and the like. But knowing that I will have to be professional later in the day really limits my creativity of “do something fun” because I have to be aware of the potential harm early-day fun could do to my productivity. And I’m not saying I’m disappointed that I can’t go out and day-drink. That’s not even what I’m saying.

Maybe what I’m saying is that since I’m still kinda half in college – living in a college town with all of my college friends while I’m not still in college – it’s weird that when I’m busy they’re not and when they’re busy I’m not.

This is reading more like a diary post. Let’s completely change topics.

Last night I listened to the theme song from Rocky for over an hour on loop. And you might think that’s crazy. And you’re not wrong. Turns out – for those of you who think it is a good idea – after about 45 minutes you’ll get a pounding headache. It’s like the first 20 minutes are ecstasy, man. You feel invigorated. You shadowbox around your room like it’s got slabs of meat hanging down from the ceiling and you jump up and down like you just ran up a lot of steps. Okay, when I say “You” you full well know I mean “I.” Hmm. Putting the letter I in quotation marks kind of looks like the logo for The Incredibles.


Is that their logo? Don’t have time to check it out.

I just cracked three of my knuckles. They were the last three on my left hand. And by last I mean third, fourth and fifth. And by third, fourth and fifth I mean middle, ring and pinkie. Is it pinky or pinkie? Both are acceptable spellings on Microsoft Word. And frankly I’ve always gone with pinky. But that time I went with the –ie suffix and for some reason it felt right even though I never have. Hmm. Maybe I’ve turned over a new leaf. Maybe I’ll start pronouncing tomato as tomahto now. Maybe I’ll actually pronounce “via” correctly for a change. (If you don’t know how I pronounce it, say it the way you say it. Then say it the other way. That’s how I say it. Always have. No discernable reason why. And it changes. If I’m around someone who says it as an –I sound, I’ll say it as an –e sound. And vice versa. I’m just a via contrarian. Which is the weirdest thing to be a contrarian about. I’m just difficult.)

You know that feeling when your feet are cold but no other part of your body is cold? That doesn’t apply to me right now, I’m just trying to be relatable. You know that moment like when stuff happens? So annoying, am I right?

That’s pretty much every joke on the Internet and that bothers me. And I know I grew up idolizing a guy whose famous punchline was “Really?!?!” but I mean really? There is no joke. Just observation. Time up.


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