12 Minutes of Downtime - 1/13/16

from Nick Suss

Jan. 13, 2016, 12:15 p.m.

Welcome to 12 Minutes of Downtime. After this paragraph, everything in this post was typed by Nick with zero preplanning in 12 minutes. These were the topics that popped into his head and he wrote down every thought. There has been no editing done and no re-reading whatsoever. This is a transcript of his brain. Enjoy.

I was thinking about how I used to write these downtime posts three years ago and it occurred to me that the only way I was able to process time back then was through music. I realized that back then I would actually time with about four songs instead of a timer. Now I’m using both.

So right now there’s a P!nk song on in the background. Or is it Pink!? Is it the Spanish thing where there are exclamation marks before and after the name? Is it an exclamation mark or an exclamation point? I don’t think there’s a difference. Are they interchangeable or can I just not think of the correct one? Or do I exclaim so rarely in my life that I actually don’t know the style on the phrase. My roommate just walked in to me blaring P!nk and not acknowledging him. This should be embarrassing but I’ve done way weirder things in front of him. Plus this song is so encouraging. It’s uplifting. Well, actually it’s mega depressing. It’s all about wanting to be somebody you aren’t. It just shuffled on. Don’t read too much into it.

But I mean yeah, I should get more embarrassed about this sort of thing. (Embarrassed is a word that I’m thankful Microsoft Word autocorrects. Because that is a hard word to spell.) I mean yesterday a friend looked at me and was like “You’ve changed!” Of course, he was talking about the fact that I was wearing pants instead of shorts. And he was joking. But you see, that was capable of embarrassing me. Doing normal, generic, every day activities makes me self-conscious. But being weird? I’m completely cool with that.

Like, for example, actually I don’t have an example in this situation. Not much time to think of an example.

Weezer came on after P!nk. I am so punk.

I’m wearing shorts today, for what it’s worth. The only reason I was wearing pants yesterday was that I had to leave my apartment to do some shopping and the like and I had worn pants the previous day so I just put on the pants from the day before because I was too lazy to open a single drawer to get a single pant.

The reason I was shopping was a getting a car charger for my phone. If you read this week’s ASARAR, you’ll understand why I needed one. But while I was at Best Buy exchanging a return for that car charger, I ran into an old friend from freshman year of college. And when I say “old friend” I don’t mean it in the we were super close kind of way but I also don’t mean in the way that Professor X calls Magneto an “old friend.” I mostly mean that for about a semester we hung out a few times a month and had a class together.

I met him my first semester of college. And that was the first time I ever met anyone who wasn’t like me and thought it would be a good idea to befriend him. Throughout most of high school, I only wanted to surround myself with people like me. But this guy was so different. He was a rebel. (Anyone is a rebel compared to me.) He did things that might’ve been less-than-legal. He was super chill and not-at-all tightly wound like six yo-yo strings stuffed into one yo-yo ball like I was.

And to any of you who might be in high school or starting college soon or just now starting out, I highly suggest making a friend like that and using him or her for exactly as long as you need to experience something different. That sounds wrong. I know you shouldn’t use people. But like, if it’s just for four months to realize how the other 20 percent lives, do it.

Now Elton John is playing. Something about that is poetic. Again, it’s because of freshman year. I used to listen to Elton a lot while writing the old decade-long stories for this site. Not this song though. This song is far more epic than writing should allow.

Have you ever tried doing something while an epic jam is playing? It’s really hard. You just want to bop up and down and now I’m running out of time so we don’t get to explore this thought further. Sucks.


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