Hello, 2014. Hello New StoriesHouse.

from Hunter Leath

Jan. 9, 2014, 2:45 p.m.

As some of the more faithful readers of StoriesHouse may have noticed, a few things look a bit different. This is explained by the overhaul of the site that we have been working on for the past six months and have begun to rollout this week.

We are so excited to finally reveal to you what the future of StoriesHouse holds and, like Leo on Stratton Oakmont, it is just one work - diversification. We have spent the past two years attempting to bring you the best experience possible for reading great articles written by our authors. (Or, more accurately - I have spent a lot of time attempting all of you to read a somewhat disguised personal blog for Mr. Nick Suss in a pleasant manner.) This process has culminated in several communications from my authors to me in the form of "Please change the look of the site, you have been promising it forever, just do it."

Now, as many of you should know - I take great pride in saying 'No' to such requests. Being a CS major destined for IT at a company provides one with several implicit rules about how to most correctly interact with others. I normally take these to heart. However, as time passed, meetings with the authors grew more fervent about expansion. We decided on a course of action.

The team would attempt to build a solid podcast, and I would work on the site redesign in order to promote both:

  1. The ability to display multiple stories on the homepage - almost like a real news website.
  2. The ability to lump media with stories so that we could have a cohesive user experience as we stretched our wings.

I believe that our new design finally incorporates all of these important milestones. While not all the features are yet live and things will be changing in the coming weeks, we have moved forward as a site.

Let us ring in the New Year, new semester, and new decade for those who are slightly confused about the meaning of that word with a slew of new ideas and exciting opportunities. 2014 will be the best year for StoriesHouse yet.

-- Hunter Leath
"Executive" "Producer" of StoriesHouse


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